Best reasons to buy a mechanical keyboard

Best reasons to buy a mechanical keyboard

I recently began to use a mechanical keyboard (just a good few months ago) and am in love with it. Mechanical keyboards were not my cup of tea, and I actually did not even know that there existed such a term before the pandemic has hit my life so hard.

COVID-19 has brought us to the dull, remote society, and people were “forced” to go online. Looking at my friends upgrading their setups, I started to put my eyes on peripherals, especially a keyboard.

The mechanical keyboard market lately grew quickly along with gamers — statistics are just piling up. Mechanical keyboards are off the chart, elevating from a niche market to mainstream culture. Why are people so hyped up about mechanical keyboards? (Check out here to find more mechanical keyboard enthusiasts in Australia.)

Mechanical keyboards are much more suitable for extended typing, making the repetitive job enjoyable. A mechanical keyboard uses switches to receive signal and this contributes to its unique texture. Hence, it is much faster and more comfortable to type as keys do not need to be bottomed out to register typing.

Besides, touch and audible feedback (its unique texture, namely tactile, clicky and linear) make a mechanical keyboard more interesting and accurate. Strategic gamers who require speed and precision love this specialty. Mechanical keyboards are more cost-effective in long term thanks to durability also, so why would you not use it?



As a mechanical keyboard noob, I initially searched for things like “best gaming keyboard 2020” and “how to choose the right gaming keyboard” (you may refer to this article). The most distinctive feature about a mechanical keyboard is that you can choose the very best keyboard for you based on different feeling and design (and many other selections).

After reading a few interesting articles (you may check out this) about mechanical keyboards, I found myself deeply immersed in mechanical keyboard communities — mechanical keyboards Australia (AUMK), Reddit, Geekhack and Deskthority — and YouTube.

Keycaps, which are the plastic covers that are connected to switches, are the first thing that catches your eyes, so it takes the essential part of the keyboard design. Although PBT plastic is offered for many premium gaming keyboards, it is up to our choice to choose the right one for oneself.

Numerous keycap designs being available in a market, we are flooded with choices and the experience of finding the “soulmate” is indeed special. Artisan keycap is one way to cater to your desire. Otherwise, deciding one big theme (it can be your favourite colour, person…) can be good guidance.



Above shows one of my favourite designs of keycaps. I am a huge fan of pink, and this applies to the keyboard too. I prefer clicky and tactile switches as I prefer the loud sound and more tangible texture. The more I try keyboards, the more excited I get to know about myself. Finding the right keyboard is not only about buying a new device, but it is also about knowing yourself.

A mechanical keyboard is a unique way to define yourself and express your personality. You can discover more about yourself and reflect the “love yourself” spirit with your mechanical keyboard. I am more than excited to buy new mechanical keyboards and I can’t wait for the release of innovative keyboards.


- Kim Kayoon, Wraek marketing lead









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