How to choose the right gaming keyboard

How to choose the right gaming keyboard

What is a gaming keyboard and why do people buy it? A gaming keyboard is an advanced keyboard that maximizes the gaming experience. It commonly enables faster reaction and has macros that let you customize the keys. Furthermore, gaming keyboards usually fulfil gamers’ demands for a stylish design. Do you get excited when you see a cool gaming keyboard and want to buy one? Are you not sure about the right standard when you are buying one? Here are some tips that you can consider.

Mechanical Keyboard

1. Switches

A few examples of famous brands of keyboard switches are Cherry, Kailh, Bloody and Roccat. You can choose a perfect key for you after you consider the behaviour, feel, actuation force, actuation point, total travel distance, sound level and lifespan. Each brand and each type of switch has unique characteristics, making gaming keyboards personalisable.


2. Purpose

3. Wired vs Wireless

4. Price

5. Design

To sum up, there are mainly five criteria that you can consider when you are buying a gaming keyboard. If you are a novice gamer who is not sure which gaming equipment to buy with, a gaming keyboard is a good start. It is the most common yet worthwhile tool to improve your performance. You may gradually level up to buy more niche products.


-  Chen Pinzhang, Wraek Chief Operations Officer


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