How to find the best mechanical keyboard for you?

Having the realms of mechanical keyboards or better known as the gaming keyboard left unexplored for the past 19 years of my life, I am definitely not well-equipped with gaming knowledge. To think about taking on an internship at a startup that was all about gaming and mechanical keyboards was enough to make me feel discombobulated. However, I am thankful that I took the plunge and took on this internship. In this article, I will be sharing my 3 key learning points from the first week of my internship at Wraek.

1. Understanding the built of a mechanical keyboard

1. Key Switches

2. Size of Keyboard

3. Material of Keycaps

2. Understanding the power of Power BI and Tableau

3. Deriving the best pricing strategy for Wraek

- Woo Ling Ling, Wraek Strategy Associate


Wraek is a gaming hardware and software start-up that strives to build a strong gamer community. Wraek is currently focusing on designing an innovative gaming keyboard with additional features to make the gaming experience more immersive.

“Release the gamer within.”

This one sentence sums the ultimate goal of Wraek: Revolutionizing gaming experiences.

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