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WRAEK is creating a revolutionary gaming device and we want YOU on our team to help blow it out of the water!

What roles are we looking for?

See if one fits perfectly for you!
Growth Marketer
Digital marketing and growing our social media will be your bread and butter. To be successful in this role, you will need to have a deep passion for social media, stay abreast of new developments and opportunities in the gaming industry, and be a strategic thinker.
Graphic Designer
With a growing community, exciting events and an amazing product to show off, we need the right graphics and design to compliment it! If you are keen in helping us to design our product or social media graphics, do consider this role!
Business Developer
Ever felt that creating business strategies and growing your network was something you always wanted to do? As a business developer at WRAEK this will be your keynote activities. This role is for you if you are outgoing, a people person and have a strong grasp of business strategies.
Operations Executive
At WRAEK, to drive awareness we host several events and manage a global supply chain for our motion pad production. Deep dive into how logistics management can be the lifeline of the company and the analytics behind it - that's the charm of this role!

“Every person that joins the WRAEK team is part of the family. In our family, we laugh together, make exciting breakthroughs together and grow together."

WRAEK is a gaming hardware R&D startup that focuses on creating revolutionary gaming devices. If you want to be part of the next revolution or want to simply hone your skills in a great startup, join us!



Chief Executive Officer

How does the sign up work?

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What most people want to know.
What is the pay like?

WRAEK offers intern pay up to $1000 for full-time interns that stay for ideally 6 months. Employee pay is negotiable.

What is the duration of internships?

Internships are ideally 3 to 6 months for interns to get the full WRAEK experience and complete a project together with us,

Where is WRAEK located? Is WFH allowed?

WRAEK is currently located at Tradehub21 and we unfortunately do not allow full WFH work situations as we want things to go fast and well-communicated. Howeverm semi WFH work weeks can be negotiated.

Will I get an assigned mentor?

Yes, there will be an assigned mentor to guide you for your work and teach you skills in your specific field.

Are there any other benefits for working at WRAEK?

Yes, for gamers, WRAEK does let you take time off work to game with our awesome gaming devices. We also host regular outings or group activities to keep everyone's minds fresh!



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